The Fund Office is open to members during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each weekday, excluding holidays.

IF you are registered in the Member Portal and should you or your spouse have a preventative service, such as, a Routine Physical, a Routine Dental Exam, a Routine Colonoscopy or Mammography and/or a Vaccination of any variety, you will be eligible for our raffle to WIN a Wellness gift! While supplies last.


Quick Reference

Call Aetna customer service: 800-779-3357 or 800-225-1263
Find a provider (choose the “Dental PPO/PDN Plan” network)


Dental coverage is available for all Active, Full COBRA and Non-Medicare Retirees only.

  • You can choose an Aetna PPO dentist or a non-network dentist.
  • Your costs are generally lower when you use an Aetna PPO dentist.


Deductible None
Calendar Year Maximum $2,000/person (does not apply to children under age 19)
Lifetime Orthodontia Maximum (orthodontic) $5,000/eligible child under age 19
Type of Care Plan Pays You Pay
Diagnostic/Preventive (e.g., cleanings, x-rays) 100% 0%
Basic Services 80% 20%
Major Services 70% 30%
Orthodontics (for enrolled children under age 19) 80% 20%

Predetermination of Dental Benefits

Before beginning a course of treatment for which dental charges are expected to exceed $500, a description of the proposed services and supplies and the estimated charges should be submitted to Aetna. You and your dentist will then be notified by Aetna of the amount of the benefit payable for the proposed course of treatment.

Orthodontic Services (for eligible dependent children up to age 19 ONLY)

The Orthodontic Benefit pays 80% of the allowable dental fees, up to a lifetime maximum of $5,000 for orthodontic services that Aetna has approved.

The Orthodontic Benefit will be paid for your eligible dependents up to age 19. Covered charges will be payable in equal quarterly installments of 80% of the allowable charge incurred throughout the estimated duration of the treatment plan, up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $5,000. However, the initial payment for charges related to the installation of an appliance will be limited to 25% of the total allowable charge incurred for the course of treatment.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Benefit (TMJ)

The Fund will provide payment for diagnosis, x-rays, consultation, appliances, and treatment for TMJ at 80% of the allowable charges that have received Aetna’s managed care approval.

The TMJ Benefit is the only payment for TMJ provided by the Fund. TMJ coverage is not provided under any other benefit available under the Plan, including Medical Expense Benefits or Dental Expense Benefits.


Dental Benefits Summary
Schedule of Benefits January, 2023
Schedule of Benefits January 2023 – Spanish
Orthodontic Benefit Improvements, effective June 1, 2022